Image Cut (Image Splitter)  v.1.20

Do accurate HTML template,site make-up and split image in the fastest possible way; protect valuable pictures from grabbing, forcing restless users return to original site over and over again; split & optimize web content for flash loads; perform SEO

Audio Splitter Freeware Software

Audio slicing software is easy to use and non destructive application. Automatic song splitter tool can divide an audio file into smaller number of many files without lowering the quality of music. It supports all latest versions of Windows Operating


JewelFab DWS Demo  v.1 6

JewelFab DWS is a big leap forward for the preparation of jewellery files. JewelFab DWS helps guide you step by step through repair, support, slicing and platform set up.

HTMLButcher  v.

HTMLButcher is an advanced HTML slicing tool (PSD to HTML, or other image formats to HTML). Slice images creating HTML table or tableless layouts, preserving the layout while allowing data and images to be individually changed.

Machete Video Editor Lite  v.3.8 build

Machete Video Editor Lite is a free software for easy and lossless video editing. It is designed for quick and simple "slicing" of your video files: you can delete unnecessary fragments (e.g. cut out commercials), copy, move,

InnoSlice  v.1.8

InnoSlice is a budgeting and expense tracking made simple. You can create a budget for the month by allocating (slicing) your income to categories, and then track your expenses in each category to ensure that you spend within your income,

Golf: Personal Trainer  v.

Add power to your swing. Stop slicing. Improve your putting. Whether you're an amateur or nearly a pro, this app is filled with essential and helpful tips to improve your golf game. Topics include golf basics, stance, equipment, swinging, driving,

Ninja Fruit  v.

Ninja Fruit, Green Lime, is seeking revenge on the millions of human ninjas who have been slicing and dicing his fellow fruits on a daily basis. Train as Green Lime while you slice and dice flying ninjas. Not challenging enough?

MrSlice  v.

Mr. Slice likes to practice his crazy slicing skills by cutting up logs. As the logs drop down the screen, use your finger to cut near the marks. As you progress through the levels, the logs will get longer, faster and have more marks to cut! •

NinjaThrowingStars  v.

Developed by Olatunde Farinde Tap the screen to shoot the rolling objects in the jungle. Drag the screen to slice the bamboo like a true ninja. Beware of dynamite. Slicing them will end the

TT Masterchef  v.

TT Master Chef is a Fun Packed vegetable slicing game. The story of the game starts with Chef Man Chao Singh who is in a hurry to make something and is frustrated because he is not getting the right veggies.

Sausage Slice Free  v.

Sausages and plates like you've never seen them before! Hone your skill in simultaneous plate smashing and sausage slicing. Challenge your friends to a battle to see who can get the highest score;

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